Effect jaw crusher discharge uneven factor

As a dependable crushing gear, jaw crusher due to the fact the crushing ratio, stable, uniform product size and other advantages, are widely applied in numerous industries. Having said that, there are quite a bit of consumers to reflect, jaw crusher during use, sometimes the anticipated size on the phenomenon of uneven. GM Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. believes this situation is normally as a consequence of improper operation or gear there have already been some failures, hence requiring the user to understand the influence of the jaw crusher the key variables uneven material, so as to take suitable countermeasures.

Initial, the motor circuit reversed. This phenomenon is a lot more widespread, causing the machine to reverse the impact of your anticipated size. Hence, the user ought to cautiously check just before commissioning the function, to avoid this scenario.

Second, the jaw displacement. Following the jaw position changed, to ensure that the prime of tooth best along with the relative, this circumstance may be resolved the issue by adjusting the jaws.

Third, the elements wear critical. When the bearing, moving the jaw and also other parts have a extra severe wear, there is going to be the expected size uneven phenomenon, which calls for the replacement of components.

Fourth, the nesting population size with the issue. When the size from the nesting population is unreasonable for the expected size possess a higher influence, so to adjust the discharge port for the suitable size.

Jaw crusher breakthrough technology leap

Within the big family with the crusher, jaw crusher is among the most ancient of broken equipment, but in addition plays a vital role. Jaw crusher is generally employed within the initial stage crushing production line, the connection towards the standard operation and final solution top quality all through the production line. Hence, jaw crusher confidential continue to update and boost, continue to attain technological breakthroughs to adapt to alterations as well as the development of social requirements. GM Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. in the introduction, and absorption of foreign advanced jaw crusher technology, optimized style developed from the new JC series jaw crusher, the crushing of many rocks preferred device. This JC series jaw crusher has special advantages and options:

1, "V" form symmetrical crushing chamber design, higher speed, huge stroke, in order that more processing energy, lower power consumption, improved performance broken;

2, the use of substantial size bearings, large load capacity, long life;

3, employing wedges nesting population adjustment technique, more handy and rapidly;

4, motor and host installation integrated design, compact footprint, grounding basic;

5, machine sort main bearing housing, hassle-free transportation and installation;

6, affordable trajectory and weight balance, lowering the dynamic load, running balance.

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