How to better resource utilization of tailings?

Mining production capacity, the amount of natural tailings can not be underestimated. Many managers are headache tailings operators how to deal with? Hongxing machine today brought good news - tailings resource utilization methods.

Tailings was called tailings, because in fact the product of beneficiation processes that separate job, and the useful minimum content of the target species, in the current technical and economic conditions, has not further sorting. But with the development of science and technology of production, there may be a useful target component further economic value of recycling. Therefore, some experts said, it is not completely useless waste tailings often contain components can be used for other purposes, can utilization

1, recovery of useful components

China has more associated deposits, poor natural endowments, comprehensive development and utilization rate, recovery of useful minerals is not high, resulting in mine tailings discharge contains large amounts of ferrous metals, nonferrous metals, precious metals and rare metals, and generally also contains a large number of non metal minerals. Tailings more useful components, integrated high recovery value, and achieved remarkable results. Such as Shougang, Anshan, Benxi, Magang use of tailings re-election recovery of iron, Baotou Bayan Obo mine tailings recovery of rare earth.

2, tailings production of building materials

Tailings production of building materials is another way to reuse tailings. At present, China has developed the use of tailings production of glass-ceramics, building ceramics, cement, unburned brick, brick, concrete, refractories and chemical products. Benxi Iron Waitoushan as tailings production with decorative bricks, bearing blocks, use fine Dexing Copper Mine tailings production of ceramic products, Maanshan Iron Taochong use tailings cement.

3, the production of mineral tailings waste or soil improvers

Tailings often contain maintain plant growth and development of zinc, manganese, molybdenum, boron, iron, etc., used to produce complex mineral fertilizers; and contains calcium, magnesium oxide tailings can be used as a soil amendment applied to acidic soil, can play neutralize acid, the purpose of soil improvement. Ma On Shan Institute of layers of a magnetic iron tailings soil use, crop yield significant results.

4 to waste "government waste"

The so-called "by Waste" is what we often say that the tailings as fill material or paving filled pit, tailings can be reclaimed farmland, afforestation, or build ecological park, sports and entertainment venues. Emperor tailings will flood into arable land, or "pool surrounded by farmland Law", this approach not only reduces the amount of tailings in the tailings pile, there is an increase of arable land, do both. In addition, also the use of tailings biological filter sewage treatment, a method which is the use of tailings.

From this, use more than one method of tailings, Red Star machine also hope that business owners can beneficiation production, while a good solution to the problem of tailings, contribute to the cause of environmental protection, but also for the largest tailings resource utilization of.

Tailings recycling construction materials in cement production

Tailings recycling is already no stranger to everyone, Hongxing machine learned, re-use direction tailings are many, such as used to produce building materials, soil conditioners and micronutrient fertilizer, used as a filling material.

There are many aspects in the production of building materials segments, such as glass ceramics, architectural ceramics, concrete, cast stone products, glass products, fertilizer, sand-lime brick, unburned, artificial stone, ceramic art, ceramics materials, concrete. This article is to talk about tailings production of building materials used for cement production.

Tailings as an ingredient for the production of Portland cement and high-grade cement technology maturity, without changing the traditional production process, the rotary kiln can be used directly, shaft kiln cement production, especially for cement clinker kiln production. Depending on the nature of the tailings and cement production process, tailings amount can reach 20% to 50%, cement products fully meet the physical indicators and more than 325MPa silicate cement standards, but also has good grindability, improved stability, security shortened regularly improve the early strength, keeping late strength, improve setting time and so on.

With an annual output of 100 000 t of cement production enterprises, for example, cement ingredients using a 20% to 50% of the tailings, the annual net profit to increase 100 to 150 million, not only significant economic benefits, but also for the mining and cement enterprises significant social and environmental benefits.

Through a variety of experimental studies we found tailings, tailings containing suitable components after a certain temperature by calcination, can be used as a mixture of Portland cement material in an amount up to 15% to 55%. When tailings clinker incorporated as admixture, cement grade can be maintained at 600; incorporation of 30%, the cement grade up to 500; when doped with 50% of the cement grade 400. Its incorporation amount of 15% to 30%, good performance of cement, condensation, normal stability.

Experimental data show that the use of appropriate fractions containing the entire tailings, as Portland cement material instead of clay, can burn out the quality of tailings Portland cement and its label in more than 400, good performance of cement, condensation, Stability normal.

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