Portable Crusher

Portable Crusher

Portable crushing station is equipped having a high-performance portable crusher, and vehicle-mounted feeder and high-strength shaker. Brief length and light weight; robust adaptability mobility, lower transport expenses and flexible mixture of materials - each crushing, actual consumers for easy, efficient and cost-rock crushing equipment, mostly used in metallurgy, chemical substances, creating components, utilities along with other operations usually need to move supplies processing, specifically for highways, railway, hydropower engineering and other stone work flow, various users depending on the sort of processing of raw components, scale and finished material specifications employing many different configurations. Portable jaw crusher operations significantly expands the notion field.

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Advantages of portable crusher

1. Cost savings

Portable crusher equipment employed together with the new structure to save fuel, fuel savings up to 25%. Perform entire line unobstructed discharge, reliable, simple to operate, power efficient capabilities.

2. Convenient transportation

Portable crusher machine can crawler, no transportation, and no harm for the road and save many infrastructure and relocation fees; can drive straight for the site, and to market the movement or extended together with the mining of raw materials over the surface of the construction web page. Thereby tremendously lowering the transportation charges.

3. To meet the demands of diverse customers

Portable crusher mobility is fantastic, it may extend together with the raw material locations or the building site, devoid of transport, directly to finished size, and may be a number of combinations, and also as outlined by the kind of processing of raw supplies, the size needs of distinctive components and finished merchandise utilizing many different configurations to meet unique product specifications.

4. No work environment

Portable Crusher

The introduction of portable crushing station eliminates the cumbersome structure of your crushing of steel construction, foundation, saving many time. portable crushing station may be straight chosen web pages, directly towards the website, straight to completed size; and mainly because devices are smaller, specially for the narrow space exactly where broken.

Absolute advantages of portable crushing station

The portable crushing station has its personal exceptional advantages, movement may be the greatest function. Portable crusher crushing plant is according to the improvement, the additional prominent the flexibility of this feature, extremely maneuverable makes this crushing station can be converted in unique perform places less difficult within the harsh rugged broken field region road atmosphere, travel, save a great deal of time as a shortcut into the function region, portable crushing plant is set feeding, crushing, screening as one of several broken equipment, the integration of operations, lowering complex combination of several devices and since infrastructure caused loss of time, reducing the material consumption hours. Versatile mobility to lower transportation expenses of supplies, direct jobs at the job web-site, eliminating the material is transported in the scene after which broken, the middle part of remedy. Standing on a portable crushing construction waste processing is specifically good, rapid processing direct solution to minimize a large quantity of managers.

Model Car Body Feeder Crusher Belt Conveyor (standard configuration↵ ) Engine (Optional) Overall dimension (mm)
Model Feeding Size (mm) Power (kw) Model Feeding Size (mm) Power (kw) Size(m) Power(kw)
YF938J69-N Two-Spindle GZD960×3800 500 6-11 PE600×900 500 6-75 B800×8.5 200 12600×2550×3870
YF1142J710-N Three-Spindle GZD1100×4200 580 6-11 PE750×1060 630 8-90 B1000×9.5 250 13900×2750×4320
YF1349J912-N Three-Spindle GZD1100×4900 750 6-22 PE900×1200 750 8-130 B1200×10.5 270 15450×2950×4380
YF1349J811-N Three-Spindle GZD1300×4900 750 6-22 PEW860 720 6-132 B1200×10.5 320 15450×2950×4380
YF1349J1120-N Three-Spindle GZD1300×4900 750 6-22 PEW1100 930 8-185 B1200×10.5 400 15450×2950×4380

portable crushing station purposes and scope

1. widely applied in mining, coal, garbage and building waste recycling, earth works, urban infrastructure, roads or building web pages and also other venues operations.

2. Processing topsoil along with a selection of other components; separation viscous coagulation aggregate; construction and demolition industries; screening immediately after crushing; quarrying industries.

3. The river pebbles, rocks (limestone, granite, basalt, diabase, andesite, and so forth.), ore tailings, the artificial sand stone chips.

Portable crushers operating procedures and precautions

Portable crusher is very popular crusher equipment, crusher market utilized broadly. Many of my close friends know the yield of the device is often adjusted close side of discharge opening size to achieve. When closing the side discharge spout greater size, portable crushers yield greater solution high quality worse. In contrast, closed side discharge opening size is smaller sized, the smaller sized the yield, item quality, the superior. So shoppers can based on their actual needs to adjust. Furthermore, prospects are more concerned about the best way to strengthen the productivity of portable crushers, the following will be to give recommendations.

1. Feeding demand belt uniform input material, the material to meet the specifications of portable crusher supplies. Feeding an excessive amount of also tiny will have an effect on equipment productivity;

2. The operator requires attention portable crusher discharge opening from the discharge circumstance, manage the speed in the belt conveyor, to make sure regular feeding and nesting;

3. Frequent inspection of gear, filters and pumps, oil temperature, under standard situations, the requirements of return oil temperature does not exceed 60 degrees, the temperature is also unfavorable for gear;

4. Periodic inspection drained portable crusher dust seal, when found no water or perhaps a little volume of water, should really be promptly shut down, otherwise it will seriously influence the device;

5. Every after inside a although. The operator have to check the portable crusher hydraulic locking cylinder, particularly within the liner put on critical circumstances, much more attention really should be higher around the adjustment ring liner bolts, loose will lead to the liner once served. For new for the liner, the really need to perform 24 hours right after parking tightened once more.

Portable crushing station for recycling of construction waste processing

Portable crushing stand construction waste on-site inside the concrete blocks with the garbage, waste bricks, mortar, sediment and also other processing, in line with the requirements with the construction of your crushing, recycled aggregate might be obtained along with a small volume of steel, coarse aggregate, as crushed stone Cushion directly used for foundation reinforcement, roads, indoor floor mat; fines may be made hollow brick, solid brick, square brick and concrete brick construction waste and other environmentally friendly bricks.

The crushing weight of your device (no matter if domestic or foreign) have reached 750 a 1200t, a height of 15 to 20m. Substantial jaw crusher and influence crusher because of its specific principle and structure operate needs quite robust foundation soil.

This shaker crusher will not apply evenly for the material, and suitable for the material easy to plug the case work, so it's itself a feeder. Material loading area for the vibration mode of transport with the rotor hammer into the function of district, then certified ore blocks connected by riffles gap fall of man along with the support mechanism undersize solution tank, and chunks of broken ore zone to attain, by the rotor hammer rupture. Eligible lump ore along with the initial separation of undersize item is mixed, and move together towards the solution discharge location. When the eccentric vibrator use as a crusher rotor, said operates to improve device functionality, simplify the machine structure, decreasing the size and weight of the machine.

portable crushing station construction waste straight for the direct processing of "composite brick" features a great anti-leakage traits, and brick Thermal Resistance value 50% larger than the relevant standards, thermal insulation functionality than fired brick compressive strength than the sintering 30% with the brick high density, thermal functionality along with a quantity of indicators are much better than ordinary clay brick, can meet the state requirements.

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